Saint-Bonnet Le Froid

Hob Fort du Pré Restaurant

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Un cuisine semi-gastro élégante et conviviale !

Who said that a semi-gastronomic cuisine could not be warm?
Come and experience it at the Hob Fort du Pré restaurant in Saint-Bonnet-Le-Froid!
Baptiste, the Hob chef, and his team promise you a great tasting and visual experience.
Here, the local cuisine is hobtits oignons! The Hob Fort du Pré restaurant promises you a warm and friendly experience with dishes concocted with love and delicacy. Of course, your taste buds will at some point savour the inevitable mushrooms, typical of the region (for those who like them) or the green lentils of Puy, the trout of Lignon, the snails of Grazac, the pigeons of Vocance, the verbena of Velay, the cheeses of Auvergne without forgetting the shellfish. So many products that you can discover and savour at the Hob du Fort du Pré restaurant.
Three menus just for you:

  • The market menu at 21 or 28€ (depending on your choice)
  • The seasonal menu at 41€.
  • The Taste Me menu at 54 or 62€ (depending on your choice)

The restaurant is open from Tuesday evening to Sunday lunchtime

Hob Fort du Pré
43290 Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid
Reservation at 04 71 59 91 83 or at

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