Bourbon l'Archambault

Hob Montespan Talleyrand Hob Montespan Talleyrand

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The Hob at Bourbon l’Archambault

The Hob Montespan Talleyrand (formerly the Grand Hôtel Montespan Talleyrand), just a stone’s throw from the spa and in the heart of the Allier, in the Auvergne Rhône-alpes region.

You can admire the 15th-century architecture of the Hob and stroll along the cobblestones of this authentic little medieval town.

The Hob Montespan is a place to live for the people of Bourbonnais and the surrounding area, as well as the ideal place for travellers in search of happiness.

We’ll welcome you to have a drink in the bar, enjoy a cup of tea in the lounge or on the pretty patio, relax in the garden, take a dip in the pool, savour the convivial dishes in the restaurant, play board games in the lounge, spend cosy nights in the bedrooms and take part in the events and workshops we’re planning for you! 😊

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