Bourbon l'Archambault

Hob Montespan Talleyrand Presentation

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The Hob Montespan Talleyrand for travellers in search of well-being!

The Hob Montespan Talleyrand (formerly the Grand Hôtel Montespan Talleyrand) takes you to the Allier in Auvergne Rhône Alpes to experience an enchanted interlude in Bourbon-l’Archambault opposite the spa, at the time the favourite of the Dukes of Bourbon and the court of Versailles, and yes, we don’t settle just anywhere 😉

You will take pleasure in admiring and feeling the architecture of the Hob dating from the 15th century and strolling along the cobblestones of this authentic little medieval town. From the swimming pool located on the Hob’s terrace, you will have a privileged view of the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon.

The Hob Montespan Talleyrand is the place to be for the Bourbon people and the surrounding area and the ideal place for travellers in search of happiness.

You will be welcomed to have a drink in the bar, enjoy a cup of tea in the tea room or on the lovely patio, relax in the garden, take a dip in the pool, enjoy the friendly food in the restaurant, play board games in the lounge, spend a cosy night in the bedrooms and take part in the events and workshops that we organise for you!

As in all our Hobs, any reason is good to spend 5 minutes, 1 hour, a day, a weekend and more.


The hobergeurs take care of you!

Zélia and Mariel are the hobergeuses of the Hob Montespan Talleyrand 😊

You will be welcomed and pampered by a passionate and warm team with whom you can chat, talk and laugh!

Hospitable, funny, endearing, they will make your visit or your stay friendly and unforgettable!

Admit it, you want to meet them !

chien admis hob fort du pré haute loire

Here, it's dog friendly!

Travelling with your dog?

You’re right!

At Hob Montespan Talleyrand, dogs are welcome.
Small, medium, large, hairy, bald, young, old!
Everyone will have their own basket and bowls in their room and will have access to the Dog Toy Box.

We just ask that they are kept on a lead in the common areas 😊

Woof woof!

Hob Fort du pré-2

Advantages of The Hob Montespan Talleyrand

Passerelle Easy access

The Thermal Spa Gateway

For travellers taking a spa treatment, you can access the spa directly from the Hob via the magic footbridge. How convenient!

jbm-montespan-05 To try it is to stay there

The swimming pool with a great view

You will have access to the swimming pool, situated on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon and the old stone. You can enjoy the sun and refresh yourself.

jbm-montespan-32 Wonder break

The "hidden" garden

Take advantage of the French garden to listen to the birds singing, drink a tea, play a game of chess, rest or read a book...