Original et local
Pas besoin d’aller
No need to go to the end of the world

To enjoy a friendly, authentic experience in a place open to travellers and locals.

Join us ! Adhobt us !

Hob Fort du pré-462
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Who are we ?

What if we could rediscover taste ?

A taste for discovery and proximity. The taste of authenticity and conviviality. The taste of being together and sharing.

At Evi Hob, we want you to discover the magic of our land and territories. Far from the cities and close to the real thing, our goal is to offer you a Hobtimal immersion in the local culture. To make our hobs places of life on a human scale, to settle down, to exchange, to cowork, to drink, to savor, to have fun or simply to take time.

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For unforgettable moments

Our Hobs

Looking for happiness? You’re sure to find it in all our hobs. Try them and you will love them! You will adhobt us !

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    For lovers


    Hooob the lovers !

    You will find what you need in each of our Hobs to discover the region for two. Our wellness areas will seduce you and ensure your relaxation. A drink or a candlelit dinner to be even more in love, everything is possible on request! 

    So are you ready for a delicious moment at the Hob Fort du Pré or a moment of well-being at the Hob Montespan Talleyrand ? 

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    For families


    You're Going to love it

    All our Hobs welcome you and your family to create new memories. You can enjoy the swimming pool, games, events and for parents, relaxing moments. We want to be in your next photo album !

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    For friends


    No need to go to the ends of the earth !

    Whether you are from the village or a few hours away, you can spend all the time you want: have a drink, attend a concert depending on the period, dinner in a restaurant, play, discover the area, sleep, celebrate birthdays… Whatever you want in a friendly atmosphere !

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    For companies


    What makes an ideal seminar / brainstorm ?

    It is a seminar organised in a place in the heart of the territories, in a rural area to combine work, creativity, authenticity, conviviality and the discovery of local culture. 

    All our Hobs are equipped with high-speed wifi, flexible work spaces, comfortable rooms with the possibility of privatization.


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Are you a group ?

Live the Hob experience !

Staying in our hobs means living a 100% immersive experience, in the heart of the territories in a lifestyle universe!

Spaces within the same universe for all desires. A reading and relaxation area to find yourself. Wooden games, a bar, a restaurant, a terrace with a bohemian spirit to get together. Open-air cinema, concerts and more to awaken your good mood. Evi Hob will take you on a tour of the region’s treasures and introduce you to its people.

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Are you a company ?

Live the Hob experience !

Evi Hob offers spaces dedicated to creativity, reflection and relaxation.

Everything is at your disposal to bring out the best in your employees! And if you don’t come away with the right idea, then tell us. To make up for it, we’ll give your employees a bunch of herbs, because at our Hobs we grow all sorts of herbs (to cook, of course).

Come on, even if you find the right idea, we’ll give them to you.

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Evi Hob turns social issues into commitments !

  • cross Inclusive
    Evi Hob is committed to making its Hobs accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • leaf Environmentally friendly
    Evi Hob is committed to a transparent environmental charter.
  • house Contributing to the local economy
    Evi Hob is committed to promoting local actors through its concept.
  • key Responsible company
    Evi Hob is committed to complying with the strictest health regulations to ensure the safety of travellers.