Who are we ?

Once upon a time, there was a strong concept: the Hob!

The story begins with the meeting of Franck Le Roux, Emmanuelle Rome and Sophie Peyres with the common desire to revitalize the territories with a new tourist and leisure offer in rural areas.

Franck’s expertise and pugnacity, Emmanuelle’s rigor and optimism, and Sophie’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit led to the ingenious creation of Evi Hob and its model.

We have created the Hob to offer an innovative and immersive experience for travelers in search of authenticity.

A place that is all at once… A hotel & leisure offer with restaurants and third places, the conviviality and authenticity of the inn on a human scale with all services open and accessible to the local population.


Evi Hob's mission

Evi Hob is commited to society

  • Inclusive Evi Hob is committed to making its Hobs accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Respectful of the environment Evi Hob is committed to a transparent environmental charter.
  • Actor of the local economy Evi Hob is committed to promoting local actors through its concept.
  • Attentive Evi Hob is committed to respecting the strictest health regulations to ensure the safety of travellers.

Once upon a time there were partners!

One day, 3 people

3 people who share common values and know-how,
3 people who believe in a new way of traveling and sharing: responsible, local and artisanal,
3 people with the desire to put these values at the heart of a unique concept for hotels on a human scale, open to travelers and the local population
3 people with complementary skills,
3 people who, today, are the partners of Evi Hob for the best and for the best with a touch of madness…

The blonde : Sophie Peyre, marketing and communication director #creative
The brunette : Emmanuelle Rome, sales director #rigorous
The curls : Franck Le Roux, President #pugnacious

Hob Fort du pré-642

Once upon a time, there was a crazy team !

Evi Hob is more than just a team of partners!
It’s a team passionate about their job and with a common desire to make this meaningful company grow.
It’s an ambitious team that gets up every day to thrill travelers and locals.
It’s a generous team that puts its energy into its mission to participate in the revitalization of the territories.
It’s a smiling team, warm and full of humor to make life more beautiful.
And above all, it is a team that shows professionalism, curious to learn, to develop and to innovate!

Our philosophy
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