Organise your company seminar in a hotel

The company seminar: a special time to bring staff together, strengthen team cohesion, highlight new ideas, encourage innovation… Because we’re generous 🙂 we’re going to share with you the different types of seminars that exist, along with their advantages, and you’ll see that the must-have is a seminar in a hotel !


The importance of a seminar for a company

Bringing together employees from a team or the whole company and organising a seminar is of vital importance to the dynamism and vitality of a company. A company seminar allows you to :

  • Bringing together members of a team or the whole company: this is an opportunity to bring together members of a team or the whole company and take advantage of this moment to address specific issues that are beneficial to the company.
  • Strengthening team cohesion : the main aim of the seminar is to strengthen cohesion within the team, so that it can work more closely and effectively together.
  • Bringing ideas/innovations to fruition in a neutral environment conducive to the imagination, the seminar stimulates creativity for innovative ideas.
  • Passing on the figures, the vision and a reminder of the corporate culture : the seminar is ideal for sharing the company’s figures, short- and long-term vision, and reminding employees of the fundamental values of the corporate culture.
  • Promoting the employer brand : the seminar is an opportunity to highlight the attractive aspects of the company.
  • Spend a convivial moment to thank the teams for their investment : beyond its professional objectives, the seminar offers a convivial moment to express gratitude to the teams for their commitment and their contributions.
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The different types of seminars

There is a wide range of seminars, each designed to meet the specific needs of a company in line with its organisational and business expectations and aspirations.

  • Integration seminar : a warm welcome for new team members.
  • Management seminar : focusing on strategy and decision-making at executive level.
  • Training seminar : developing skills and knowledge.
  • Team seminar : strengthening collaboration and interaction within a specific team.
  • End-of-year convention : review, celebrations and projections for the year ahead.

Duration of a seminar

The duration of a seminar varies according to the objectives set, the activities planned, the content to be covered, etc. Depending on the type of seminar and the format chosen, a seminar generally lasts between 1 and 3 days.


Places to hold your seminar

A company’s choice of venue for a seminar depends on a number of criteria: the budget, what is at stake and the number of participants. Most seminars are held in hotels, campsites, guest houses, castles, cottages and restaurants, but some are also held in rooftops, theatres, boats, barges and even rented flats.

Seminars abroad have become less popular since Covid. Companies have adopted sustainable and responsible approaches to reinforce their image and commitments.

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Seminar in a hotel: the benefits

Hotels are one of the classic places to hold a company seminar. But some hotels have atypical and innovative concepts! Ideal for bringing your team together and having a good time with your colleagues.

Clearly, the hotel offers real advantages for holding a corporate event :

  • All-in-one venue : accommodation, restaurant, breakfast and bar on site, so you don’t have to arrange transport for each stage.
  • Safety after a company party : fewer risks associated with alcohol consumption after a good evening out with colleagues
  • Saving time between work and leisure : this optimises time by reducing travel between planned work and leisure activities, so you’re on the spot.
  • Reduced carbon footprint : contributing to more sustainable practices by minimising environmental impact.
  • Practicality for teams : offering a practical and comfortable experience for participants.
  • Holiday feel : create a relaxed atmosphere to encourage creativity and reflection.
  • Tailor-made programme : work with the hotel’s partners to design a programme tailored to your company’s specific needs.

How to choose the right hotel for your seminar

The venue is one of the keys to mobilising employees! It’s always the question that teams ask themselves several days before the seminar “where are we going to go?”
To guarantee the Waouh effect of your corporate event, choosing the hotel for your seminar is a crucial step. There are several criteria you need to define to guide your search and find the best establishment to welcome your whole team:

  • Location : it’s important to choose a location that’s convenient for all participants and a striking setting to meet your specific needs (rooms for private hire, outdoor activities, etc.).
  • Capacity : assess the hotel’s capacity to accommodate the number of participants you have in mind.
  • Infrastructure and facilities : take a look at the facilities required for a successful seminar.
  • Appreciating the friendliness and soul of the venue is essential to having a good time.



An original seminar in a Hob : the Evi Hob concept

Evi Hob offers you human-scale establishments in the heart of nature, a place where you can do everything at once, which we call : the Hobs. Places where you can work, create, taste, have fun, drink, dance and discover… Coming to Evi Hob means experiencing local immersion in a friendly atmosphere!

Two options :

1 – You choose the most appropriate space for your working time and we’ll take care of the rest.

2 – You privatise the entire Hob for greater freedom.

On the programme : à la carte or package lunch or dinner options, gourmet breaks, open bar aperitifs, personalised workshops, moments of relaxation… Everything is planned to help you relax, develop your creativity and enjoy a pleasant moment with your colleagues.

Look no further for inspiration, it’s in a Hob!


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